The Online Crisis League, or OCL, is a political simulation organization based on Crisis Committees from Model United Nations. Our current main project is the World of Rione, a simulation focused on a fantasy-style world. We also include elements of DND style fighting, but instead of at an individual level, we take it at a national level. Each player is a ruler of a nation of their own making. Unlike normal Grand Strategy and Political Sim video games, we allow you to do nearly anything. We don’t have preprogrammed policies – you come up with them yourself! Instead of just clicking “Offer an Alliance”, players will have to formally send ambassadors, have those ambassadors meet with another ruling nation, and negotiate specific terms of any treaty or alliance. Instead of a pre-set list of technologies, technology progresses based on player actions. Players can create new technologies, discover new forms of magic, and overall control the way they want to play.

OCL is ran by John Seese, a veteran of MUN as well as pol-sims across the internet for over a decade. John has his own twitch channel, where he streams many of the game’s mechanics, and will be streaming Live Scenarios each week during the simulation!

Now is the perfect time to come and join us! Make your own nation – make your own ruler – and conquer and lead a world!